Do to the overwhelming interest in our Solid Ground Cords’ product line, we have found the need to add a testimony section to our website It is important for us to know what you think about our products. We thank those of you who have already shared with us so far.

If you would like to share any of your comments or opinions about any of our products, feel free to write us at: info@solidgroundcords.com.

Solid Ground Cords, LLC

Solid Ground Cords LLC Harrison Testimony Letter


“Our company has purchased several of these cords in different sizes.  As a safety director they make my job easier when I do job site inspections and see Solid Ground Cords.  I have never seen a missing ground pin, jacket strain from coming away from the ends or cuts.  The light technology is phenomenal because the “light does not lie”. If you have a light you are ready to proceed safely.  No guesswork required.  In my opinion Solid Ground Cords are the best extension cords on today’s market.   I will continue to purchase their products for use by our employees.   I have the upmost confidence in the cords performance and they are made in the USA.”

Sue Caldwell, Safety Director
Southern Constructors, Inc.


Dixie Roofing


Solid Ground Cords On the job site and performing great. Time and money saver

“On the job site and performing great. Time and money saver.”


“First inspection on job site after being purchased six (6) months ago and functioning like it should. Nice to know that it outlasts the other cords of their life span of three (3) weeks. No breaks, no frays and same ground pin. Saving time and money for both company and inspection time for SAFETY inspector.”


“As a distributor, I am always looking for products that solve problems, I believe Solid Ground Cords, does that. Solid Ground Cords, with its solid ground pin, and positive jacket retention is a definite problem solver, and it is made in the U.S.A.”

Steve Duttmotionindustries
Operations Manager
Motion Industries, Inc


“Solid Ground Cord is the best cord I’ve ever used! I prefer this cord over any other cord.”

Travis Irwinlogo
Overhead Door Company



“Solid Ground Cords is the best thing I’ve seen in 20 years for extension cord technology…”

Billy Powelllogo-smith-nephew-global
Manager Health and Safety Environment
Smith & Nephew Global Products
Memphis, TN



Justin from Southern Roofing Company

Thank you Justin from Southern Roofing Co. for your validation of our cords! Justin referred to our safety features such as our solid ground pin technology and positive jacket retention as “Game Changers!”







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